Thikkabilla brings new day for Indigenous dance

Peter Croft and Tyrone Hall, Thikkabilla Vibrations

Tyrone Hall is fulfilling his lifelong dream of teaching ancient Indigenous dance, culture and traditions to children in Dubbo, thanks to support from the NSW Government’s Business Connect business advisory program.

Mr Hall established Indigenous dance and culture group Thikkabilla Vibrations with the support of Business Connect advisor Peter Croft to increase cultural awareness in the community and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Mr Hall  became fascinated with dance as a teenager and has travelled the country to learn all he can about Indigenous culture, storytelling and dance.

Now, with the help of the  Business Connect service, he is passing on that knowledge not only to Indigenous kids but to the whole community.

His business Thikkabilla Vibrations infuses ancient Indigenous knowledge, culture and traditional practice to bring peace and understanding of our shared Australian history to a new generation of children.

Mr Hall said Business Connect was crucial in establishing Thikkabilla, which specialises in dance, story-telling, spirituality and nature-based programs.

‘Peter taught me a lot of things I didn’t know and helped me develop a business plan, a financial forecast, and is always there as a sounding board for ideas.

‘My business is growing and now employs five casual staff. We are also collaborating with Dubbo Ballet Studio to develop a new program.

‘It’s a great feeling to give culture back to the kids, giving them awareness, identity, confidence and self-respect. It’s not just for Aboriginal people; it’s for anyone.

‘I want to teach kids it’s normal to talk about Aboriginal culture and we live in a new world and a new day.’

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