The handy man can

Hammer and nail

“Everyone needs a handyman, right?” was licensed carpenter Peter McCulloch’s thoughts before setting up his own handyman business, Handy Mac. He had the trade and the demand but he needed the business skills to get his startup off the ground.

After searching online, Peter found Business Connect services and met with local advisor, Michelle Locke, who, among other things, showed him how to create a toolkit for his new business. The toolkit included: a breakeven analysis, developing a budget, the ins and outs of quoting, and price strategy. They also discussed business name choices, branding and a social media plan.

“During our first business meeting, we kicked off with discussing everything he needed for his startup,” explained Michelle, “and it was very exciting.

He had a steady learning curve when it came to the digital elements but now his business model is strong and he is able to focus on the important things – like the handy work.”

Peter has successfully been in operation since March 2017 and is focused on building on this momentum.

“Michelle has been fantastic. From the beginning – setting up my ABN and insurance to starting a Facebook page and following a larger plan – her experience was invaluable,” Peter said.

Whenever I got stuck or struggled with something, she was there to help me out. I’m absolutely flat-out now with clients but this wouldn’t have worked without Michelle’s guidance.”

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