A refresh on the 9-to-5 day job

Jenny Lord on bench

Jenny Lord had been a professional counsellor and life coach for over 35 years when she craved a change in her working life. Breaking away from the typical 9-to-5 day job, she decided to create her own business.

Jenny wanted to run an online learning platform specifically for women in the baby boomer generation. The business would address this demographic’s need for personal development. Jenny’s research had shown that the resources available to this market were limited.

Jenny understood the importance of a strong online presence for her business but didn’t know how to get started. Luckily, a colleague referred Jenny to the Business Connect seminars, Digital Bootcamp.

These Business Connect seminars gave Jenny much-needed knowledge and confidence about what is required to build a business in this fast-paced digital world. After the seminars, Jenny also had a number of advisory sessions with Business Connect digital specialist. The sessions helped Jenny clarify her business goals and guided her in building a digital roadmap.

‘The advisory sessions were fantastic. They were focused, yet highly specialised in [their] approach to help a small business owner understand how to go about setting up an online presence,’ said Jenny.

‘I appreciated that the sessions were specific to what I wanted to achieve. I launched Sixty Refresh and am very happy with its progress.’

As a result, Jenny has now built an online learning platform and has the right digital strategy in place to proceed with confidence. Jenny found the seminars, combined with the advisory sessions, to be incredibly beneficial.

Person using laptop with Business Connect on screen

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