Mints CD Consulting to the rescue

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When you have the drive to start your own business, it is only a matter of time before a great idea develops and thrives. Craig Minter wanted to move on from his long-term career as an accountant and start a business, but wasn’t sure which idea to run with.

"When I left the accounting world, I’d actually had an idea to start an online meditation business for tinnitus sufferers which promised a flexible lifestyle. I worked on this business for 12–18 months but it didn't produce the financial results I had hoped for despite gaining great awareness around the tinnitus condition," Craig said.

Before he ventured onto something else, he sought advice from Business Connect Advisor Katherine Blizard.

“Craig joined the Mastermind Program where he identified that he was very good at establishing systems for businesses,” said Katherine.

He is a highly intellectual individual who is very systems-focused, and the connectivity and networking that the program established was invaluable for Craig to get to where he is now.”

With assistance from his advisor, Craig determined that his service was in demand and after four or five months he started a new business called Mints CD Consulting, which is thriving.

“The value of being able to connect with other likeminded small business owners who were trying to learn and grow and have that growth mindset, was unlike anything I’d done before,” said Craig.

Being part of that startup process helped identify and clarify how I would be able to assist. I also learned more about myself, which helped me fine tune my business offering.”

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