Graphic designer meets business expert

Carly Hood next to desk with Mac and Pantone colour imaging guide

Carly Hood is a successful graphic designer. After working for other companies for over a decade, she decided to take the plunge and start her own graphic design business.

'I had been getting a lot of freelance graphic design work to the point where I decided I could run this as a full-time business,' said Carly. 'At the time, my knowledge of tax, superannuation, legal contracts and the like was quite limited, so I decided to do a business course.'

Enrolling in Business Connect, Carly met Creative Industries Specialist Monica Davidson, and a fantastic business relationship was born.

'Monica delivered the ‘boring’ information, like tax and superannuation, in an entertaining way which helped me absorb everything like a sponge. Her knowledge and advice has been invaluable for building my business this year,' said Carly.

But it wasn’t just about complying with government business obligations; Carly also needed advice when it came to her own creative platform. Together they established a plan: register a domain name for a website including a look and feel, biography and an improved LinkedIn presence.

The process of working with Monica, and particularly the accountability of their regular meetings, helped Carly prioritise her own needs and give her start-up business the time and work it required.

'Working from home can be isolating but it’s been really helpful having Monica as my business coach, in particular helping me set marketing goals and building my client base.'

She understands the nature of creative freelance work and prepares her students with the pros and cons. With this knowledge, I’ve been able to make the most of my busy and quiet times in order to grow my business.”

Person using laptop with Business Connect on screen

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