Business expands with improved systems and processes

After buying out her Impact Petroleum Solutions business partners, Tina wanted an advisor to help guide her through the first 12 months. She contacted Business Connect to help her make a plan with actions and strategies to sustain and expand the business.

Tina joined the Stepping Up Program, where actions are developed and provided for systems, cash flow and marketing of the business. Business Connect advisor Russell helped Tina and her team sustain the business by putting in place processes and systems to improve the quality of work, customer service and communications.

There has also been a big push to market their business to their industry contacts. Going through Business Connect and the program helped satisfy larger entities such as Caltex that require their contractors to have the best systems and processes.

‘My advisor Russell provided unprecedented help with industrial relations and business advice,’ Tina said.

‘The value for money is that Russell is always there. Regardless of whether I just need to run an idea by him or get help with business plans, he is always there to keep me on track.’

‘There were times where I would have been lost without him. It’s the best money I have spent all year.’

Person using laptop with Business Connect on screen

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