Business plans to sustain during drought

The Saddle Camp is a horse riding business in the Southern Tablelands. As the New South Wales drought continued, business owners Helen and Robert knew they needed some help.

‘We had a major problem—with the drought it was becoming incredibly expensive to feed our horses. We had to make some changes, whether it was to lay off staff, change suppliers or systems,’ Helen said.

‘We knew that Business Connect had the expertise that would help us with this problem.’

Business Connect advisor Kris Laird met with Helen and Robert to understand their business and discuss their options. Kris provided the couple with the strategy to negotiate the next 12 months and some items to start putting into action.

For Helen, it wasn’t just the advice that Kris gave her, but the time, energy and understanding of their situation that was most valuable.

‘Kris came into our family home, she listened, gathered all the facts before she gave her opinion. And when she gave her opinion I had confidence it was constructive and well thought out. She also patted me on the back for what I had achieved so far—something that rarely happens when you own a small business,’ Helen said.

‘Working with Kris changed my mindset. We absolutely had no idea what to do but she looked at my business from all angles and with her experience she has changed our lives for the better.’

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