Artist assisted to get back to speed

Artist Alison Archbold owns and runs Archbold Design. After paying too much for a patent and not understanding the process, Alison contacted Business Connect for help.

‘As a sole trader, I have no one but myself to rely on and it can be really tough and isolating at times,’ Alison said. ‘Once I discovered that there were people that I could speak to about my business, and ask anything at all, it was a huge relief, and at times is almost like having a business partner.’

Business Connect advisor Kris Laird helped Alison with her digital presence, including a new website, branding and social media accounts. Alison also wanted help managing her cash flow, staffing and legal requirements. Both Kris and a previous mentor helped Alison improve her products and confidence in her business.

‘Alison had the unfortunate experience of paying too much money for a patent pending and not understanding the process. She didn’t realise there was something like Business Connect that could help,’ Kris said. ‘Alison has made some fantastic business decisions and I’m confident in her growth.’

Kris gave Alison business advice, but more importantly, the confidence she needed to succeed in her business operations.

‘After the patent mistake, it is very reassuring to know I have some backup now. This has given me confidence and allows me to grow my business and understand what I am supposed to be doing next. I have learned a huge amount, and Kris’s mentoring has been fantastic,’ Alison said.

Now, the business is flourishing. Archbold products are in 14 stores and Allison is eager to get to the next level of trade to focus on hiring staff and shipping options.

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