Solar farm gets ready for capital

WYNERGY is a solar farm construction company that aims to build hundreds of small, livestock-friendly solar farms across regional Australia. The unique and innovative design allows solar panels to be installed across farm grazing lands without interrupting enterprise productions.

To develop the idea and be able to sell it to the market, Ben Wynn, founder of WYNERGY, needed capital. He needed help developing information for investors, as well as legal, accounting, financial and professional support. He also needed to know about government grants.

Ben contacted Business Connect advisor Derek Tink for support. They discussed business goals and objectives. It was apparent that the idea would require significant capital investment and professional support. Derek put Ben in touch with legal advisors, accounting professionals and other Business Connect clients. This sped up the results.

‘Ben is a highly dynamic, motivated and innovative entrepreneur. He has displayed a strong capacity to quickly absorb information and create action,’ Derek said.

‘The business model has potential to develop ‘triple bottom line’ economic benefits. The business could provide an energy royalty (off-farm income) for primary producers or landholders, create regional construction and maintenance jobs, support renewable energy development and more.’

Ben believes that the advantage of working with Business Connect and Derek has been second-to-none. ‘If I hadn’t met Derek, I wouldn’t be as far down the track. He made connections and opened doors for me that have been incredibly helpful.

‘He asked the tough questions, reviewed anything I asked and brings things to your attention that you hadn’t yet thought of. And is a great support. He even turned up to an event I didn’t expect him to [attend]—that’s how supportive he is. I can rely on him.’

Derek and Ben continue to work together as WYNERGY grows.

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