Katoomba Taxis takes a niche tourism route

The transport game has changed both in compliance and competition. The board for Katoomba Taxis knew they needed to make some changes and approached Business connect with a transformation mindset.

The board met with Business Connect advisor Graham Fitzpatrick to discuss their business options and identified tourism as the major opportunity.

‘One of the things that was identified early on was the need to get more involved in local tourism within the Blue Mountains. One of the ideas that was spoken about was having a number of drivers who would be specialist ‘tourism drivers’ to show people around Katoomba and the surrounding areas,’ Graham said.

‘The council wanted to help train a team of drivers with Katoomba Taxis who would be “tourism ambassadors”.’

With guidance from their Business Connect advisor and the help of TAFE NSW, the local council and Destination NSW, 11 drivers attended an ambassador training program to start the new business model.

The focus on customer service, as well as in-depth knowledge of the upper Blue Mountains area, local businesses and tourist attractions, will improve the taxi service, not only for regular customers but also for the growing numbers of visitors to this World Heritage area.

Director of Katoomba Taxis Mike Hayden said it was good to have a third party in these discussions. ‘Graham’s expertise in marketing and communications was extremely useful. His attention to detail and being able to connect the dots also pushed us to make clear decisions.’

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