Environmental company with big plans

Harris Environmental Consulting

Business owners Kate and Sean Harris approached Business Connect to assist with the growth and change that they wanted to see in their business.

‘Our little business just started with my husband and me, and that was very manageable, but as we grew, we hired staff and had our sights set on new goals,’ part-owner Kate said.

‘We had no resources or time to put systems in place. We were mainly flying blind. All the things I was able to manage in my head couldn’t fit anymore. Someone in the same industry, in another part of NSW, gave me Scott’s details and I reached out.’

Business Connect Advisor Scott Inman helped the business understand strategies for managing their growing business. He also helped the business introduce staff management techniques.

‘Kate and Sean knew they needed help if they wanted to continue to grow,’ Scott said.

‘The way that I approached the business was: look where we could get to—what do you think? We put together a pilot example structure, and the team loved it. We’ve since implanted it and are moving on to other elements of the business.’

Owner Kate said that one of the best outcomes that Scott initiated was to set meetings and goals. This enabled her and Sean to take a holiday and their staff to have full transparency and control.

‘Scott provided a voice of reason and a clear path forward where we all felt safe. Everything was managed, measured and formalised. All of his work has made an enormous difference in our team,’ Kate said.

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