Startup to sale in six months

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When Chantelle heard about the Business Connect program, she booked a meeting with Business Connect advisor Brooke Phillips to develop her small business idea.

'I knew it was difficult for people to find disability and mental health services in their local area,' Chantelle said. 'So I started thinking about creating an online directory where you could find and compare services, then connect with the ones that best suit your needs.'

Brooke worked closely with Chantelle to guide her through each stage of the process, from developing the idea to launching the business. The result was Espyconnect: Australia’s first online directory of mental health, allied health, medical, child and disability services.

Espyconnect was soon recognised as a key resource for disability and mental health providers and within six months received a number of buyout offers from national organisations. Chantelle continued to meet with Brooke during the buyout process, so she felt confident negotiating the terms of the sale. 'I sold the business very quickly,' Chantelle said. 'It was a whirlwind six months!'

Chantelle now works in an executive role with the new owner of Espyconnect, where she focuses on education and content development. 'It was a hard slog and a big financial risk,' she said. 'But I wouldn’t have bitten the bullet and started my own business if it wasn’t for Brooke. I tell everyone who’s starting a business that they’re crazy if they don’t take advantage of the Business Connect program!'

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