Arts for the greater good

Small business owner Clint operated part-time cultural camps and art classes for local youth. When he approached Business Connect, Clint was looking for advice on how to turn the part-time, backyard operation into a full-time gallery and workshop space. Clint wanted to expand his business to offer art classes for tourists and locals of all ages, as well as having a professional, dedicated space for classes and  exhibiting his artwork.

Business Connect advisor’s initial discussions with Clint were about insurance requirements and writing a business plan to understand the outcome of the expansion into a rented workspace.

In December 2017, Clint opened Amanya Mitha Indigenous Arts Gallery. Clint now has an exhibition area and classroom, as well as a workshop to carry out material preparation. Clint is running cultural camps for foster children and their foster parents, as well as art classes for the local schools.

Clint’s gallery allows other Indigenous artists to exhibit and sell, and he is optimistic about this side of the business.

‘Clint is passionate about ensuring that the Indigenous culture is passed on and that through sharing his art and instructing tourists about art, he can educate others about his passion and the significance of Indigenous art,’ Business Connect Advisor said.

‘He’s had a great first year—winning some prizes and a couple of great artists showing in the space—he will continue to grow strong.’

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