A safe, creative space in Western Sydney

Jean-Luc Batchelor in his new art studio and co-working space

Street artist Jean-Luc Batchelor hired a disused basement in Parramatta because he wanted to create an independently run makerspace for local visual artists that would be affordable, safe, but still artist-run. He approached Business Connect to find out how to make the most out of his new art studio and co-working space, Alt Art Ink.

Jean-Luc first needed help with a grant application to financially support the startup phase and with the regulatory aspects of setting up a business. He also wanted to find out how to prepare his business for growth.

Business Connect Creative Industries Specialist Monica worked with Jean-Luc to complete the grant application, and to set goals for helping the business thrive. Monica helped Jean-Luc streamline his marketing process so that Alt Art Ink would have a professional but edgy digital media presence. She also worked with him to establish some early stage processes for working with tenants, administrative tasks, and the recruitment of a part-time studio manager.

‘Monica definitely helped with clarification on what I wanted to do and how I could do it. She put steps in place to help me achieve some great things,’ Jean-Luc said.

‘Without her help, I would have been floundering around a bit more and not as focused. She was just really fun and great to talk to about the business.’

Since being assisted by Business Connect, Alt Art Ink has acquired two new tenants. The space has become a safe place where local Western Sydney artists can come together to use, and learn to use, materials as well as develop creative projects.

The multi-disciplinary hub now includes a workshop area, wet and dark room, lockable studio spaces and a photography studio complete with backdrops, lighting and a product photography-shooting table.

Although he is still waiting to hear back about the grant, Jean-Luc has already started attracting local press and the attention of key stakeholders in the area, including the local council.

Take a look at the Alt Art Ink on Facebook, Instagram or the Alt Art Ink website.

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