A coach for the introverts

Nicole Turnbull sitting on window seat

Nicole Turnbull observed an increased number of introverts who were struggling to communicate or find their place in the corporate environment due to their personality. Seeing an opportunity, Nicole created her new business, ‘Successful Introvert’.

'Being an introvert myself and not knowing much about business, it can be pretty challenging to get started,' said Nicole. 'Not knowing the questions to ask, how to best use my talents and where to even find my clientele – that’s why I approached Business Connect.'

Business Connect Advisor Brooke Phillips helped Nicole define her business model, refine her audience and create a suite of services that supported this niche sector.

'My advisor Brooke was beyond excellent. She understood that this was a niche business and helped me explore what that meant. More importantly, she helped me work out who my target audience was, how to use my talent efficiently and so many other valuable business tools.'

Brooke also conducted a market analysis to ensure Successful Introvert found its sweet spot: 'This is the start of a new brand that is targeting a particular niche market that’s in a high growth phase,' said Brooke.

As a career coach, Nicole refers her own clients who want to start a business to Business Connect. 'Having someone from Business Connect like Brooke, with so much valuable knowledge, is an absolute must when anyone is setting up a business.'

Want to know more about Successful Introvert? Visit the website.

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