Mastering the art of hiring new employees

Georgina Goldsmith established a thriving upholstery business in the heart of Mudgee, with customers all over the world ordering products through her online store. But after two years, she realised that unless she hired an employee to help her manage demand, both her craftsmanship and the business would suffer.

“I had no idea about how to hire an employee or what my obligations were,” Georgina said. “I wanted to do the right thing and protect my business, but I didn’t know where to start.” It was the advice of a friend that led Georgina to the Business Connect program, where she met her new Business Connect advisor, Phillip Small.

“Phillip helped me understand my obligations in terms of hiring someone, such as what award they should be under and the best way to pay wages and superannuation,” she said. “He also helped me write a letter of employment, which set out what the offer was and what they were expected to do in their role.”

Since she joined the Business Connect program, Georgina has hired her first employee and is already seeing Phillip’s advice translate into more sales and a growing confidence in managing the business.

“I’ve put all of Phillip’s advice into practice and it’s really helped me achieve my business goals,” Georgina said. “Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to hire someone and feel confident that I’m doing the right thing as an employer. Overall, it’s been a really positive and encouraging experience.”

Person using laptop with Business Connect on screen

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