Iconic business revived

Anthony Ainsworth in front of fish plaque

Anthony Ainsworth and Marie Bucher bought the smokehouse that once supplied Prince Charles with smoked trout during his first Australian visit. But this grand claim to fame was not enough to resurrect the small food manufacturing and retailing business. Butts Gourmet Smokehouse needed a plan.

Anthony became aware of Business Connect in a chance discussion with Advisor Kevin Bascomb after he mentioned that he was looking to buy or establish a local food manufacturing business.

Over the following 12 months, Kevin and Anthony frequently met to discuss a range of issues relating to the purchase and management of Butts.

‘Anthony has had extensive senior corporate management experience in fast-moving consumer goods, with particular expertise in supply chain and risk management, but limited exposure to retailing and marketing, and no practical experience in managing a small business,’ Kevin said.

‘That's where I could provide experience. Anthony is obviously a thinker and extremely capable, and this shows in the way the couple tackled Butts. Anthony was like a sponge – he took everything onboard and made some valuable updates.’

The challenge was to improve the quality, range and consistency of the products, leverage the brand to re-establish its former high profile and grow sales so the business would again become a profitable venture.

From building relationships with key stakeholders to advising on retail elements and distribution, Kevin helped Anthony and Marie with a range of business needs.

‘Kevin helped us with a number of invaluable business elements. He had an eye for detail that I didn't have on the retail side of things, which helped us improve the presentation and the customer's experience,’ said Anthony.

‘Then there was the benchmarking exercise. This confirmed that the shape of the business was good, which meant we were in a high position to grow.

Kevin was terrific during every step. An excellent communicator – he doesn't fluff about. The time that we spent with him was all valued – he gets into specifics quite quickly.’

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