Historic Broken Hill business embraces the idea of change

Silver City Mint and Arts Centre, Broken Hill

Self-taught business owners Chris and Jan Anderson have run the Silver City Mint and Arts Centre for 30 years. The Broken Hill business is a gallery carrying a wide range of local artists’ work; telling the story of Broken Hill’s mining background; and is also a chocolate factory.

‘We’ve been in this business for a long time but never had any formal business training, so we learnt the hard way - by mistakes,’ Chris said.

‘I enrolled in the Boot Camp that was offered through my local Business Connect advisor, Steve Martin. I wanted ideas on how to increase the profitability of the centre, but I walked away with much more than just that.’

Steve assessed the business's digital presence, addressing Facebook, Instagram and their website. He also helped with the internal business structure, pricing and merchandising.

‘I couldn’t recommend Steve highly enough; he puts in 100 per cent. He is the chairperson of our tourism board - Destination Broken Hill - which makes him very invested in the community. He has a lot of respect in the town.’

Since attending the Boot Camp and engaging with Steve, Chris and Jan made changes to their pricing structure, marketing and other elements of the business.

‘People are so used to doing things the same way, but everyone seems to agree that we’ve made some changes for the better - which is what we like to hear,’ Chris said.

Steve agrees that sometimes it is hard to change the mind of business owners who have been doing the same thing for decades. ‘It can be tough because they have preconceived ideas, but business is business no matter where you’re located.

Chris and Jan are not like that, they came to the Boot Camp and embraced the idea of change,’ Steve said.

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