My Bearded Pigeon - Etsy success story

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Cath Young has built two successful businesses. The first sells cushions and wall hangings through her Etsy e-commerce site My Bearded Pigeon. The second is a business advising others on how to do the same.

Cath, a mother of two from Bellingen NSW, started My Bearded Pigeon in 2010 and is now considered one of Australia’s leading Etsy entrepreneurs. The rapid growth of her business has seen her take on two employees, including her husband Neil, to keep up with demand.

Cath began her business selling cushions and wall hangings featuring old-world maps printed on organic cotton fabric. The quality of her products and the imagery used to market them achieved recognition in several international media outlets. Subsequently, a large proportion of her sales come from overseas buyers in the USA and UK.

Becoming one of Australia’s top Etsy sellers has brought Cath further success. In 2016, she was contracted by a local business education provider, to deliver a series of talks on successful selling on Etsy.

To develop this opportunity, Cath enlisted the services of her local business advisor who helped her create a business plan. The plan mapped out the steps required to fulfil the contract and structure costs, so that her time and expertise were appropriately rewarded.

The new Business Connect program will support Cath to develop a new business – providing mentoring services to people looking to create Etsy stores.

About Etsy

Etsy is a global e-commerce site which allows sellers the opportunity to work from home, enjoy flexible hours and access a global market place which would otherwise be almost impossible. The e-commerce site sells handmade art, craft and vintage wares and now has 54 million members and 22 million active shoppers across the world.

Last year Cath was invited to participate on Etsy’s Independent Seller Advisory Board which meets every six months in New York.

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