From Gilgai to Vegas

Classic cars

Angie Gordon is one of two female motor trimmers in the country.

Her passion for car restoration bordered on obsessive and she wanted to share her unique talent for creative motor trimming of hot rod, vintage and classic cars.

Her only problem was that she was working in a shed in the tiny Northern NSW regional community of Gilgai.

It wasn’t until she received support from the NSW Government’s advisory program that Angie’s dreams became a reality.

Angie’s local advisor helped her develop a digital and social media strategy that changed everything. Within two months, Angie’s flair and excellence had been showcased to the world and demands for her services followed closely.

“Requests for custom trims came pouring in from Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and New Zealand. I went from nothing to a full working business and I’m flat out. All it took was a website and Facebook profile to be absolutely inundated with work,” Angie said.

The business advisor catapulted Angie Gordon’s business, Angie’s Custom Trim, to the world’s premier automotive trade event, SEMA in Las Vegas. Angie was thrilled.

“The invitation was the greatest compliment of all. SEMA showcases the best of the best. It was fantastic to be asked to work in such great company.”

Angie’s Custom Trim creates custom upholstery for restored and classic motor vehicles as well as for planes, trucks, boats, wheel chairs, golfers and other one-off products.

Angie Gordon learnt her trade from her parents, working in the family business for 20 years, but her creative mastery and fine-tuned eye for detail pushed her to branch out on her own.

The new Business Connect program will assist Angie to continue to expand her business.

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