Australian healthcare innovation goes global

Marrianne McGhee, Nurse Educator

‘If you have a passion for a problem and you feel you have a solution, then be a disrupter,’ says Marrianne McGhee, a motivated nurse educator with over 18 years’ clinical experience, and the founder of ScrubUp, an innovative app in healthcare technology.

Marrianne designed the surgical software to enhance operating room productivity and efficiency. The mobile resource tool will help surgical technologists, operating department practitioners, instrument and circulating nurses, surgeons, surgical assistants and anyone learning the technical skills of surgery.

‘Technology is changing, and as nurses, our profession needs to be able to adapt and accept these changes quickly. This is why ScrubUp has been developed,’ Marrianne said.

‘Although I had the medical know-how and idea, I needed some support understanding how business works and to get my idea off the ground. I approached Business Connect to help and found my advisor, Jacqui.’

Together, Marrianne and Jacqui worked on building the app and developing a business around the technology. Where she had exhausted her knowledge, Jacqui connected Marrianne to people that were specialists in their fields.

‘I need a business partner like Jacqui - someone who is capable of all the business elements for a startup to succeed.’

The ScrubUp app has been downloaded in 129 countries and has more than 9,000 users. In 2016, Marianne participated in Jobs for NSW’s three-day Bridge to MassChallenge and was a finalist in the NSW category.

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