Sydney the location for NICTA Digital Productivity Showcase

28 February 2012

NSW Trade & Investment is supporting the establishment of a purpose-built demonstration facility to showcase new digital tools to improve Australia's productivity.

The Digital Productivity Showcase, located in ICT research organisation NICTA's building at the Australian Technology Park, has been designed as a futuristic space.

It aims to take visitors on a journey through a series of broadband-enabled spaces, starting with the home, then moving on to a small business setting, professional offices, big business and government zones.

NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner said the Digital Productivity Showcase will demonstrate the integral role that digital services play in growing the nation's productivity.

"The showcase will promote the standing of NSW and Australia as a world leader in the development and adoption of digital services, and will combine innovation and collaboration to target industry issues and demonstrate to senior decision makers the value of digital technology to boost productivity," Mr Stoner said.

The NSW Government has made the ongoing development and growth of the State's digital economy a key priority, and has established a Taskforce that is currently developing a 10-year action plan that will look to increase the competitiveness of the sector as well as uptake of digital technologies and applications across the economy.

NICTA CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte said: "This showcase will allow NICTA to create and test new technologies in a unique setting, enabling us to more rapidly develop prototypes in a low-risk environment. NICTA exists to produce the very best ICT research and to harness that research to build social and economic wealth for Australia."

NICTA's annual national technology showcase, Techfest, was used to launch the Digital Productivity Showcase on 23 February.

Techfest 2012 featured over 60 ICT projects with more than 600 visitors, including high school children, industry leaders, venture capitalists, senior government officials and members of the public, registering to attend.