Secretary rolls up his sleeves

28 July 2015

NSW Department of Industry, Secretary Simon Smith

Four weeks into the job and the Secretary of NSW Department of Industry, Simon Smith rolls up his sleeve to donate blood to launch the department's Health & Wellbeing program, RED25 blood donor challenge, in partnership with the Australian Red Cross.

Joined by General Manager David Collins, State Training Services, both donated either blood or plasma to the challenge.

The partnership with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service challenges the department to a target of 250 blood donations or more, during this current financial year.

Blood donor challenge

During National Blood donor week (26 July – 1 August), the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is encouraging non-donors, or lapsed donors to learn more about blood donation and, if possible, give blood. 

It takes a blood donation every 8 seconds to meet the ongoing blood needs of Australian patients. According to the Red Cross, "one in three people you know will need blood in their lifetime, yet only one in thirty give blood".

Every donation helps to save three lives. To learn more about blood donation, visit or call 13 14 95

New name for Department

Simon Smith joined the NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development (NSW Department of Industry) on 1 July - this was also when the department was established.

Formerly known as NSW Trade & Investment, the new department brings together vocational education and industry development, and is set to drive the government's target to create 150,000 jobs over four years.

Priorities for the NSW Department of Industry include:

  • making NSW a fertile place to invest and produce goods and services and thereby creating jobs and opportunities 
  • developing skills to match industry demand
  • partnering with stakeholders in stewardship and sustainable use of the State's natural resources
  • supporting economic growth in the regions.