NSW Government tackling cross border issues

2 June 2011

The NSW Government is currently working up a proposal to appoint a Cross-Border Commissioner who will report annually to Parliament on the Government’s progress dealing with cross border issues.

The new Commissioner will streamline decision-making on cross-border issues and address the needs of communities close to the State’s borders.

The move to appoint a new Cross-Border Commissioner is expected to help resolve some of the administrative and regulatory issues between NSW and the bordering states of Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

The appointment of a new Commissioner means that the unique circumstances of border communities will be taken into account in future Government decision-making.

The Cross-Border Commissioner will look at the impact on border communities of different time zones, hospital and ambulance services, policing and security, and other services such as finance and business services, all of which fall under State Government jurisdiction.

The NSW Government will consult widely with border communities and will introduce legislation to Parliament once the consultation process has been completed.

The Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services, in coordination with other relevant agencies, is the lead agency working on the proposal.