NSW Department of Industry launches new Corporate Plan

26 October 2015

sydney corp plan

The NSW Department of Industry has launched its Corporate Plan 2015-19. The plan is driven by five strategic priorities that set out the department's direction and focus for the next four years.

  • Act to enable job creation and opportunities for economic growth
  • Transform the delivery of vocational education and training services
  • Create a positive business environment
  • Engage and collaborate, facilitating mutually beneficial relationships
  • Foster an innovative, commercially focused and collaborative department

"In support of the NSW state priorities, our goal is to create at least 150,000 new jobs by supporting economic activity that strengthens the State's competitive advantage and promotes regional growth," said Simon Smith, Secretary, NSW Department of Industry.

"Our department brings vocational education, industry development and sustainable access to natural resources together. While the private sector generates most new jobs, the State government plays a critical role in creating the conditions where the private sector can thrive. This is our department's purpose.

"We are committed to deepening our understanding of the ever-changing challenges and opportunities in NSW so that the department can lead the government's contribution to making NSW a fertile place for business and job growth.  To do this, we need to strengthen our collaborative efforts with industry partners, business and the community," said Smith.