New Smart Work Hub in Penrith

11 February 2015

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Offering residents an alternative work location closer to home, supporting flexible work practices and promoting the sharing of ideas and resources are all benefits of Smart Work Hubs, the latest launched in Penrith this week.

Penrith is the fourth hub established under the NSW Government's $1.5 million Smart Work Hub Pilot Program. Operating for a minimum of 12 months, the hubs cater to workers who would otherwise commute to the city.

The hubs aim to help grow knowledge based industries in NSW, providing space for workers from different organisations to connect with each other.

The Smart Work Hubs are based on a successful City of Amsterdam model, which have resulted in annual savings to the city of about $14 million. Set up in large commuter areas, they have the potential to provide a range of benefits, including increased business productivity, decreased infrastructure costs and increased regional economic development.

Smart Work Hubs that are currently operating around NSW include Rouse Hill, Oran Park and Penrith in Western Sydney and Wyong on the NSW Central Coast, with a fifth hub opening soon in Gosford.

This latest facility in Penrith called 'iwork@penrith', is being operated by Trexzon Pty Ltd in partnership with Penrith City Council.

Slashing travel times

NSW Trade & Investment staffer Andrew Bedrossian, who normally works in the Sydney CBD, cuts his total daily commute time from four hours to 14 minutes when he uses the Penrith Smart Work Hub.

"The Hub is great – it has all the facilities and services I need, and I'm saving time and money," Mr Bedrossian said.

About 33 per cent of workers living in Western Sydney commute outside the region for work. Their average travel time is up to 50 per cent longer than the Sydney average.

What is a Smart Work Hub?

A 'Smart Work Hub' is a facility or space that offers workers an alternative to working in their normal place of work or working from home.

They offer a wide range of facilities for corporate clients or casual users, including fast broadband, Wi-Fi, video conferencing, meeting spaces and kitchens.

Where are the hubs?

There are Smart Works Hubs in:

A hub in Gosford will also be opening soon.

Interested in the Penrith Smart Work Hub?

If you are interested in working at the Smart Work Hub in Penrith you can register your interest.

More information

Read more about the Smart Work Hub Program.

View the media release: Penrith commuters can slash travel times thanks to new smart work hub

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