New Knowledge Hub to strengthen Sydney's position as a global financial centre

3 March 2015

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An industry-led Financial Services Knowledge Hub to drive growth of the State's $60 billion financial services sector has been launched today.

Opportunities for Sydney's financial sector

The Financial Services Knowledge Hub provides a platform for financial institutions to network with their peers, share best practice information and  collaborate with research institutions. By supporting collaboration between financial institutions and other industry participants the Knowledge Hub will improve the global competitiveness of the financial services sector.

The Knowledge Hub will also open up opportunities for Sydney to leverage its strengths in financial services and the digital economy to take a lead role in the emerging financial services technology sector called Fintech.

Sydney's financial services sector is one of the most significant drivers of Gross Domestic Product, employment and tax revenue for Australia as a whole.

New Fintech Accelerator

NSW Government is providing support to ensure the successful establishment of a new Fintech Accelerator, called Stone and Chalk, which will in turn attract international Fintech talent to Sydney, develop and support local industry, and increase NSW financial services exports. This Knowledge Hub initiative  will provide financial technology start-ups with office space, mentoring, networking, export support and opportunities to access vital capital.

About Knowledge Hubs

The Financial Services Knowledge Hub is one of five industry-led Knowledge Hubs being supported by NSW Trade & Investment to help businesses and researchers improve collaboration and knowledge sharing. It is a key action under the NSW Economic Development Framework.

To find out more information about Knowledge Hubs, their goals and benefits or about other Hubs visit the Knowledge Hubs page.

Interested in getting involved with the new Hub?

The Financial Services Knowledge Hub is coordinated by the Committee for Sydney. If you are interested in learning more and getting involved then visit the Committee for Sydney's Financial Services Knowledge Hub webpage or contact:

Sophie Newsome, The Committee for Sydney

Further Information