Nanomedicine researchers converge in Sydney for annual conference

14 July 2011

More than  150 Australian and international scientists and clinicians with research  interests in nanomedicine will attend the second annual Sydney International  Nanomedicine Conference in Coogee over the next three days.

Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of materials at a microscopic scale, and its development is helping to drive innovation across a number of sectors in NSW including ICT, defence, renewable energy and the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry.

From the treatment and imaging of brain tumours and cancer, to skeleton and tissue repair and regeneration, nanomedicine has the potential to improve early detection and diagnosis, as well as treatments and recovery of diseases.

The conference, which will run from today until Saturday, attracts local and international researchers, medical practitioners, industry, students and early career scientists to present the latest in the multidisciplinary research fields covering nanotoxicology, tissue regeneration and repair, delivery of therapeutics, medical imaging and diagnostics.

The NSW Government is supporting the conference with $10,000 in sponsorship through NSW Trade and Investment.

NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Professor Mary O'Kane will also speak at the conference closing dinner on Saturday night, and will announce the winners of four awards for excellence in nanomedicine research.

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