Jetpack investors have eyes on NSW

18 September 2015

Demonstrating an assistive robotic arm prototype

Senior representatives from Chinese technology group Kuang-Chi Science are in Sydney this week to meet with NSW companies and explore innovation in space, robotics and smart city technology.

The visit is being supported by the NSW Government through the NSW Department of Industry, which will use the opportunity to promote NSW's capabilities in the sector.

"We're delighted to welcome Kuang-Chi Science to Sydney and to NSW to find out more about our fantastic capabilities in this highly advanced industry sector," said Minister for Industry Anthony Roberts.

Kuang-Chi Science hit the headlines earlier this year for their $50 million investment in New Zealand based commercial jetpack manufacturer Martin Aircraft.

Opportunities for industry

The NSW Department of Industry will be supporting a range of NSW companies to meet with Kuang-Chi Science to showcase their innovations and to promote NSW's capabilities in the space and related technologies sector. This will include sharing the broader opportunities in NSW such as our world class IP and research and development skills in robotics, un-manned systems, machine learning and sensing technologies.

The department is also supporting Australia's first space startup accelerator, Delta-V, a space cluster designed to help new space tech companies develop their networks and technologies.

Leading technologies developed in NSW

Saber Astronautics is an example of a company developing cutting edge technology in NSW. The Sydney based company developed satellite control technology software that was deployed in space as part of an American Cubesat mission launched from the International Space Station in March last year.

Saber was awarded a NSW Government Innovate NSW grant to expedite development of their solution and they now have customers in Australia and in the US using their software.