ICT companies asked to participate in industry survey

30 November 2011

Companies operating in the information, communications and  technology (ICT) sector are being encouraged to participate in an industry  survey by the Centre for Innovative Industry Research.

The Centre for Innovative Industry Research (CIIER) annual sample survey of ICT firms has gained in importance with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) no longer measuring the specifics of the ICT industry regularly.

In recent years the Australian Computer Society (ACS) has drawn on the CIIER survey data to complement ABS data for its Australian ICT Statistical Compendium.

If you use statistical information about the ICT industry and its economic significance, and your company is within the ICT industry, you may wish to participate.

Anonymous data from previous CIIER surveys is available for free at www.whitehorsestrategic.com

The most recent ACS Australian ICT Statistical Compendium is also available for free at www.acs.org.au/2010compendium/ICTStatisticalCompendium2010.pdf