Australian scientists make major quantum computing discovery

9 October 2015

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Australian scientists have made a major discovery, bringing quantum computing one step closer to becoming a reality.

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have found a way a way to put quantum computing technology into silicon chips. Quantum computing allows multiple calculations to happen simultaneously and will revolutionise the speed of standard computing. 

Scientists have been trying to turn quantum computing into a reality for decades. This discovery brings the possibility of commercial manufacture of quantum computers much closer. 

The UNSW researchers have patented a new design using affordable silicon found in regular computer chips, such as the ones used in smartphones and tablets. 

Project leader and director of the UNSW's Australian National Fabrication Facility Andrew Dzurak said the team's discovery has overcome a major hurdle in the journey to make quantum computing a reality. 

Quantum computing technology will have a huge impact on the information technology, finance, manufacturing and healthcare industries, among others. 

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