TechVouchers application form

The NSW Government may provide support of up to $15,000 per project through the NSW Technology Voucher Program (TechVouchers) to NSW small to medium enterprises. Only one grant will be provided to any one company. The TechVouchers program is designed to increase SME access to NSW research and development (R&D) organisations, facilitate business expenditure on R&D, and to promote collaboration. Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis.
Please Note!
Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the information they provide is correct, complete, and sufficient to allow for determination of eligibility and merit as set out in the guidelines. As your application cannot be saved part-way through, we strongly suggest completing the application form in a text editor and copying the text to the fields below.

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In order to be eligible, companies must:
  • be incorporated in NSW;
  • have fewer than 200 employees;
  • turnover less than AUD$30 million per annum;
  • have been in operation for at least one year;