Transport and Logistics Knowledge Hub

Transport & Logistics Knowledge HubTransport, freight and logistics contributed 13.8% of NSW’s gross state product, or $58 billion in 2011. Additionally, public transport plays an increasingly vital role in the community, with solid growth in passenger numbers over the past decade.

The Transport and Logistics Knowledge Hub is also known as the Transport and Logistics Living Lab. It seeks to increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of Australia's transport and logistics industry by fostering collaborative innovation. It also facilitates the connection of a fragmented transport and logistics industry to best-practice activities from research and industry.

The Living Lab is coordinated by Data61, Australia's centre of excellence for Information, Communications and Technology research. This national lab provides a platform for industry, research and government to meet and work together to investigate real-world problems, as well as a physical demonstration space for innovative technology aimed at providing future transport and logistics solutions.

Since 2015, the Living Lab has delivered a trade facilitation project that explores how technology can support trusted export supply chains. The project involved tracking export from regional NSW to the USA, using GPS tracing and sensing devices to monitor activity through the supply chain. The project demonstrated potential value of this technology to industry to improve the visibility, security, quality and efficacy of supply chains.