Medical Technology Knowledge Hub

Medical Technology Knowledge Hub logo"This is where it starts - it starts with ideas. To be able to take that all the way through to the people we design these things for – that's really what drives us."

Jordan Nguyen, Medtech Entrepreneur

Launched in March 2015, the Medical Technology Knowledge Hub is a collaborative network between academia, industry and government to improve the business environment for all facets of the medical technology industry.

The Knowledge Hub focuses on accelerating the translation of Australia and NSW's research investments into commercial products by addressing local challenges that prevent commercialisation opportunities and raising the global standing of the local industry.

What's happening?

The Medical Technology Knowledge Hub has:

  • Published a blueprint for the industry, that provides a vision and an outcomes-focused strategy to position the industry for growth
  • Supported emerging companies and SMEs by holding training workshops and developed training tools to help them navigate the market and procurement processes
  • Performed a comprehensive skills audit of the Medtech industry to gain greater visibility of current and future skills needs of the industry

Get involved

This Knowledge Hub is coordinated by the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA). If you are interested in learning more contact MTAA.