Financial Services Knowledge Hub

Financial Services Knowledge HubSydney is the base of Australia’s largest financial services industry, which is one of the most significant drivers of GDP, employment and tax revenue for the nation. Finance and insurance employs more than 440,000 people in NSW.

The Financial Services Knowledge Hub is a platform through which financial and related industries can network with their peers, enhance their knowledge of global best practice and connect with research and world-leading innovation opportunities.

The Financial Services Knowledge Hub is coordinated by the Committee for Sydney, and was a driving force in the creation of Stone and Chalk. Stone and Chalk is an independent, not-for-profit fintech hub that fosters and accelerates the development of fintech start-ups by co-locating venture capital, technology startups and established financial services firms. Since its launch in 2015, Stone and Chalk has supported the development of 98 fintech startups that have raised $212 million in capital investment.

Since 2014, the Knowledge Hub delivered a number of other exciting projects including:

  • a research report that showed the extraordinary growth of Sydney’s fintech environment since 2014 and outlined recommendations to further harness the benefits for all of NSW, that was referenced by Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison in an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review
  • Fintern Fever, a summer internship program created to give university students the opportunity to work with local startups in the fintech space.