Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub

Wind turbines on cattle farm

The state of New South Wales is the highest consumer of energy in Australia, with key mining, manufacturing and transport sectors driving demand for efficient energy supply.

The $90 billion Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) industry is a global leader in mining innovation and is a significant contributor to the national economy.

About the Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub

The Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub facilitates knowledge exchange between research institutes and industry, and provides a platform for engagement and collaboration across energy sectors and stakeholders.

The hub is coordinated by the University of Newcastle’s Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) and aims to drive a cultural shift towards collaboration within industry.

Resources and projects

Projects completed by the Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub include:

  • Established Energy NSW, a platform for industry collaboration to boost innovation and provide new tools and services to enable Australian businesses to invest, create export opportunities, innovate and grow
  • Established METS NSW, a platform to increase collaboration and accelerate innovation within the METS economy
  • Developed the METS NSW map, an interactive online tool to locate, promote and link METS businesses and support growth clusters
  • Developed a digital showcase of case studies and success stories to build the METS industry.