Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub

Energy & Resources Knowledge Hub logo"A sector is not defined just by one company; it's actually defined by many companies. And for the good of the sector they have to collaborate and work together."

Prof. Behdad Moghtaderi, University of Newcastle

Part of the Knowledge Hub Initiative, the Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub facilitates knowledge exchange between the research community and industry, and acts as the primary platform for engagement and collaboration across energy sectors and stakeholders.

What's happening?

The Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub continues to engage with industry and drive a cultural shift towards one of collaboration within industry.

In 2016, the Knowledge Hub delivered a number of exciting projects:

  • Research and recommendations for the future of NSW energy sector, particularly in the Hunter region
  • Turbo-charging METS industry development through the establishment of METS NSW
  • Launch of the Australian Energy Storage Database
  • Expansion of the Supply Chain Participation Project beyond the Hunter region to four centres throughout NSW
  • Release of the Energy Technologies Showcase
  • Establishment of the Hunter Energy Transition Alliance

Get involved

This Knowledge Hub is coordinated by the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Research (NIER) and was launched on 5 September 2014. If you are interested  in learning more and getting involved contact NIER.