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"When we look around the world at those cities where innovation is sparking, the thing that is always evident is participation and collaboration between government, research and industry."

Sarah Vaughan, Director, Developer and Platform Evangelism, Microsoft Australia

Piivot, the Digital Creative Knowledge Hub, is a collaborative partnership that brings the digital and tech start-up community together with businesses, research organisations and government.

The aim is to enable businesses within the sector to share knowledge, support innovation and gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive global market.

Piivot will increase innovative start-up activity in the creative digital and technology sector, and improve commercialisation of these ventures by ensuring a stable development environment and better financing and investment.

What's happening?

In 2015 and 2016, Piivot delivered a number of activities including:

  • Online calendar of events with their partners to provide opportunities for existing startups to consider how their technologies could be adapted to new industry needs
  • Web portal of resources for SMEs and startups
  • Virtual map identifying areas of industry collaboration activity and opportunities for startups to get involved
  • A series of startup community events, including hackathons designed by industry and government to better access innovative solutions
  • Mentoring and internship opportunities for budding entrepreneurs with major corporate partners

Get involved

Piivot is coordinated by the University of Technology, Sydney and was launched in November 2014.

If you are interested in  learning more and getting involved, contact Piivot.