Knowledge Hubs

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The Knowledge Hubs Program established industry-led collaborative partnerships centred around key NSW industry sectors. These partnerships bring together businesses, research organisations and industry associations, to share information and direct research through collaborative projects.

Businesses that collaborate are more innovative and competitive than those that do not. Australia is ranked low in innovation, at 23rd out of 26 OECD nations. The Knowledge Hubs Program promotes collaboration with the aim to drive innovation and create shared value for NSW industries.

Knowledge Hubs are:

  • assisting industries to develop a shared vision and strategy
  • improving industry productivity and competitiveness
  • championing projects and research with broad industry benefits
  • promoting sector-wide market opportunities
  • facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • providing industry with a united voice and a conduit to government
  • creating platforms for sharing world-leading knowledge and influencing public research.

Knowledge Hubs operate in the following five industry sectors: