Boosting Business Innovation Program

Investing $18m in over 80 projects, working with 11 universities and the CSIRO to boost business innovation in NSW.

The NSW Government has invested $18 million in the Boosting Business Innovation Program, giving small businesses access to research organisations to build strong local business communities and stimulate economic growth in metropolitan and regional NSW.

The program is boosting:

  • a networked innovation ecosystem across NSW
  • additional external funding
  • small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to scale up and innovate
  • the regional start-up sector and creating innovation clusters across the state
  • access to high tech equipment and technical expertise research by SMEs and start-ups through TechVouchers

Delivery partners

The NSW Government is working with all 11 NSW universities and CSIRO to deliver a range of new innovation spaces and activities for business communities.

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More information

Download the full report Boosting Business Innovation Program prospectus ((PDF 1.7 MB))

For more information about Boosting Business Innovation Program contact the delivery partners above or email