Wollongong Workshop: Marketing Strategy for Creatives

When 22 May 2019 5:30pm - 8pm
Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes
Venue Wollongong City Council | The Lab - Wollongong Library | 41 Burelli Street | Wollongong NSW
Cost $49
Description For anyone working for themselves in the arts or creative industries.

Marketing is one of the most despised and least understood aspects of running a creative business and being an arts entrepreneur. This fun and practical workshop explores the mystery behind the marketing magic: devising strategy, making measurements and meeting goals.

We'll also examine:
  • the key elements of a successful marketing campaign;
  • the strategy behind your website;
  • how to stay on top of social media;
  • the myth of word of mouth… and much more!

    What do I get?
    All participants of this workshop also receive:
  • Printed materials to help in class;
  • Lifetime access to a dedicated Marketing Strategy dropbox folder full of additional resources and help;
  • Access to a website full of links and resources to help them get ahead in their creative business.

    The workshop is relaxed and informal, you can ask all the questions you've never been able to ask before, and participants will also be given ample opportunity to network and get to know each other.

    You also get free advice!
    All participants are entitled to 4 x 1 hour CHAT sessions, with a creative industries business advisor, 100% subsidised by Business Connect and therefore at no cost to you (no, there's no catch!).

    Who should enrol?
    This workshop is ideal for freelancers, small creative businesses and arts organisations. It's also relevant no matter what your profession – filmmakers, writers, designers, visual artists, musicians, composers, dancers, performers – everyone can benefit from a guide to marketing strategy.

    Who is Presenting?
    Business advisor and creative industries expert Monica Davidson from the Creative Plus Business Group. Monica is a writer and filmmaker by trade who learned how to run a successful creative business and now shares that knowledge with others. In her workshops Monica discusses her own experiences, and shares examples from the 900-plus people she has mentored through the process of starting and building their creative businesses.


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