NDIS Costs and Future Proofing

When 4 September 2019 10am - 12pm
Duration 2 hours
Venue Workspace2580, 56 Clinton Street, Goulburn
Cost $0
Description This workshop is for small business owners and NFP managers who want to have a better understanding of your profit and loss under the NDIS.

You will discover how to identify what you need to earn to live a comfortable life and what is your ideal amount of time to spend in your business to achieve this. You will work out the best service configuration and number of billable hours to offset your costs and achieve your business goals. Costs of product and services will then be explored to ascertain the viability of your business model.

Participants will learn:

How to interpret the NDIS price guides and identify your NDIS categories
How to use the Number Stacker Tool to structure your individual profit and loss
How to diversify revenue streams
At the completion of the session the participants will leave with:

Knowledge of how to use the NDIS Price Guides effectively
With the Knowledge Stacker tool, gain clarity of your projected income, expenses and profitability under the NDIS
Ideas on how to create a surplus and diversify revenue streams for added business sustainability
A one-to-one follow up meeting is available to assist you further and embed the ideas/principles of the session. Please book with your local business advisor at the session.

Workshop is FREE. Registrations are essential.


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