Get off the treadmill and innovate

When 10 September 2019 9:30am - 12:30pm
Duration 3 hours
Venue SRBEC Office (Clarence House), Suite 14, Level 2, 9 Clarence Street, Moss Vale
Cost $25
Description Are you tired of doing the same thing, getting the same results and feeling like you are always running on the treadmill, but your business is not going in the direction you envisaged when you started out?

In this professional development session, you will discover how thinking laterally can change the way you make business decisions and make an idea profitable and you will find out what it means to be an Entrepreneur, realise your full potential and be a successful business owner.

You will learn:

How to embrace Entrepreneurship and Innovation
How to understand Consumer Buyer Behaviour
How to make the transition to be an effective Business Owner
You will leave the session with:

The ability to identify innovative business solutions for your business through lateral thinking.
A customer-oriented focus on your core products or services.
A clearly articulated sustainable competitive advantage for your business
A one-to-one follow up meeting is available to assist you further and embed the ideas/principles of the session. Please book with your local business advisor at the session.

Cost of Workshop is $25. Registrations are essential.


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