Fine Tune Your Business Online (Bowral)

When 27 November 2018 10am - 12pm
Duration 2 hours
Venue Bowral - TBC
Cost $25
Description Are you struggling through a quagmire as you try to work out?
  • how to get the right customers to your website?
  • how to keep them there? And…
  • how to get them to buy from you?
    You know you “have to have” a social media presence, but it takes so much time and everybody's doing it…what else can you do so customers can find you online and then choose to buy from you?
    This 3hour workshop will help you unlock your online potential and identify ways you can use digital tools to successfully market your business and sell your product in the online world.
    A one-to-one follow up meeting is provided to assist you further and embed the ideas/principles as part of the workshop. Please book with the Business Adviser at the workshop.
    Presented by Chris Edwards.


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