Crafting Content

When 4 September 2019 9am - 12pm
Duration 3 hours
Venue Studio Blueprint , 402/11 Randle Street, Surry Hills
Cost $25
Description Creating a consistent content plan is a vital way of standing out and attracting attention through social media. If your best post was 3 months ago, then you will be forgotten.
You are building a case for credibility in the types of information (content) that you create and share. Having a plan and being strategic in the areas you focus on, will not only help you stand out it will help you position your brand as the go-to expert in the mind of your customers.
This workshop will explore the different types of content that can be effective in telling your story from photos, to video or to written communication.

In this practical workshop you will:
Create an annual editorial plan
Create a content framework that maps out what's in and out
Assess different types of content styles (like video and photography) and examples of how they can be used successfully.
Review of the different social platforms, including Instagram Stories.
This workshop is ideal for business owners who:
Know they need to be online but are not sure what to do
Are affected by changes in their market environment and are now thinking of new ways to attract customers


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