Cash Flow Coaching

When 9 April 2019 3pm - 12am
Duration 9 hours
Venue NORTEC Training rooms, 101 Jonson Street, BYRON BAY NSW
Cost $49
Description Run over 2 nights, these workshops have been designed to encourage small business owners to effectively manage cash flow.
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Funding
  • Managing and tracking financial performance
    ​These areas covered are essentially underpinned by four success factors in profit, provisioning meeting goals and liquidity. You will master it all!! This will enable you to develop management practices which may help your business succeed. This is not an accounting course, nor does it replace the important role of accountants and advisors. The Cash Flow Coaching Kit introduces the Cash Flow Canvas, which is an action learning tool to help you understand and manage your cash flow. The Cash Flow Canvas, an integral tool that enables you to create a picture of the current operational cash flow of your business and help plan for change and improve cash flow.
    My challenge to you – stop denying you have got this handled and get involved--- this will change your life.

    There's a lot to do when starting or running a business but if the financial foundation isn't right, the business may never get ahead. This workshop series will demystify the myths of money in your business and will be focused on Effective cash flow management by helping educate and translate this into action.
    To support small businesses and to give them the best chance of success, businesses who manage their cash flow effectively are more likely to succeed.

    3pm to 7.30pm over 2 nights 9th


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