Building A Profitable Bottom Line (Ulladulla)

When 13 November 2018 10am - 12pm
Duration 2 hours
Venue Ulladulla Civic Centre, 212-222 Princes Highway, Ulladulla
Cost $25
Description Is your business struggling to give you the profits you work so hard for? Do you feel that every year it's a juggling act, and you just want the finances to run smoothly?
The fact is that every decision you make and every transaction you process has an impact on the cashflow and profitability of your business, and your equity. Each year and over the life of the business your activities build, create your bottom line and determine the success or failure of your enterprise.
We will take a different approach to help you better understand how your business policies and transactions impact on your bottom line profit, cashflow and balance sheet; considering activities such as;
  • product pricing
  • sales
  • inventory purchases
  • providing, seeking and extending credit terms
  • engaging employees
  • capital expenditure
  • financing
    Working through a case study we will show you how to develop a 5-year financial plan and take control of your own financial destiny.
    A one-to-one follow up meeting is provided to assist you further and embed the ideas/principles as part of the workshop. Please book with the Business Adviser at the workshop.

    Presented by David Evans.


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