Diving into business with the right start-up advice

James Webb and Trevor Richards owners Platypus Instruments

For many years, Trevor Richards wondered if there was a better and safer way to test and tag electrical equipment. In 2012, he opened a Christmas present from his son-in-law, James Webb. It was an electrical testing gadget that James had designed and built in his backyard shed.

“As soon as I used it, I thought, why hasn’t anyone else in the world done this? It’s a brilliant piece of technology,” he said. Trevor and James launched Platypus Instruments and began working with Business Connect advisor Kris Laird to turn their idea into reality.

“Kris had no idea about the technical side of things, but she knew a lot about starting a new business,” Trevor said. “She was incredible at helping us create business plans, budgets and everything else we needed.”

“The biggest tip we got from Kris was to manage our dollars. So many startups fail because they get into hot water over funding, so we’re very careful about how we spend our money. By listening to Kris and doing some careful planning, we’ve managed to avoid the big issues that plague most startups,” he said.

Trevor and James plan to work with their Business Connect advisor to launch the business and prepare for future growth. “We’re eternally grateful to Kris and the entire Business Connect team, who sent us in the right direction when we were starting out,” Trevor said. “They’re so fantastic and never gave up on us.”

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