Natural skin care company takes off

Two men with clay on their faces.

Business owners of Scrubba Body, Josh Lawlor and Jason Moore, make and sell handmade, all-natural, coffee body scrubs; salt scrubs; candles and lip balms for retail sale at markets and online. They wanted to expand but needed to find a manufacturer that was the right fit.

Josh came to see Business Connect advisor Jelinda Millgate in 2017 to discuss the decision to engage a manufacturer. They also discussed finances and preparing for trade events.

‘Jelinda not only listened and offered advice, she also helped us to look at things from a different angle and opened up a whole new way of thinking,’ Josh said. ‘She asked the right questions and had a wealth of knowledge, plus she always follows up with us at a later date, which continues to keep us accountable.’

Jelinda worked with Josh on a strategy to maximise sales for an upcoming event, including social media posts, sales techniques and packaging to suit various demographics—gifts for mum and girlfriends. As a result, the business had an outstanding result and almost doubled the sales target. The sales for the four-week event accounted for approximately 50% of the total sales in 2017.

Since then, Josh and Jason have progressed with manufacturing, as well as boosting their internet sales. Advisor Jelinda is working with them to create a digital marketing strategy for increasing online sales more. Josh and Jason are more confident with outsourcing and have a clearer direction for taking the business to the next stage.

‘After actioning some of the advice and homework we were given in late 2017, we reached five times our average monthly sales and we have been consistently growing since. We are regularly referring back to the materials supplied to us and we are always excited when we make a new appointment because we know it's another step in growing our business,’ Josh said.