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Start your businessReady to start a business?

NSW has the best environment in Australia to start or grow a business, with over 736,000 small businesses already operating across the state. The NSW economy is growing at an above-trend pace, with solid population growth and a strong pipeline of public infrastructure and housing construction.

Business confidence is strong, remaining above the national level.

What you'll need

Business plan

A clear business plan will turn your great business idea into a realistic picture of what you need to do and identify the help you will need to start on your journey to business success.

Legal structure

Setting up your business also means choosing the right legal structure for your business and registering your business for tax purposes. You should also check whether you need permissions or trading licences for your particular sector.

Information and advice

Getting advice early could save you time and money further down the track.

Business Connect advisors can give you the advice, skills and information you need to navigate the steps to set up your business. Their experience and knowledge is gained from running a small business themselves.

Find a Business Connect advisor in your area and book your first business advice session for free.

More support for startups

The NSW Government and other agencies provide many types of support for business and help for individuals to start up a business.

  • Jobs Action Plan provides eligible NSW  businesses with a $6,000 payroll tax rebate when they employ new workers in new eligible employment.
  • Small Business Employment incentive provides a grant of up to $2,000 for non-payroll small businesses when they hire new employees.
  • Minimum Viable Product grants are provided by Jobs for NSW and designed to support promising technology startups with the funds needed to gather customer feedback and test their underlying business model.
  • Jobs for NSW supports eligible startups so they can more easily scale into the high-growth, job-creating companies of tomorrow. Jobs for NSW has allocated $10 million to help grow the state’s network of incubators and accelerators using a range of funding support packages.
  • Building Partnerships grants support revenue startups seeking to build their customer base and pilot their business models, provide funding of up to 35% of approved project costs to a maximum of $100,000 per project. These grants enable startups to pilot new marketing partnerships here in Australia or overseas, or to complete pilot projects with key customers to provide evidence to accelerate market adoption of their products or services.
  • Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) teaches practical entrepreneurial skills to top students from a range of disciplines as part of its degree or TAFE NSW program.
  • Western Sydney University Launch Pad offers a one-stop-shop business and innovation support program that provides facilities, assistance and resources for startup and high-growth technology-based businesses in Western Sydney.

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